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    • Jim Lowery on August 22, 2018 at 11:50 am
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    I found you on the web. I am talking with city officials on August 28 about a position and wondered if the Rector or Deacon could give me a ring at 573-338-2191 , which is a Missouri number. I know Shelton is about 10,000 people so I wonder if the church is a mission or full meal deal church. This would be a big part of my decision if I got to an offer. I will SKYPE on the 28th so once they see I am an older applicant that may be the end but thats their problem! I know several others in WA but Ft Stelacon is probably as close as I have been. We have two grown children living in Chicago (who knows why) but they are both Episcopalians by baptism. I was a Methodist before our marriage in 1980. We have been Episcopalian since 1984. I know the city does not care, but it is to us. Anyway it would be helpful to chat if you have time 573-338-2191 Jim Lowery. I am on Facebook and have been following you for a month and I am on LinkedIn , so you could check me out if desired. I am in Jefferson City, MO. Grace and Peace??

    1. We don’t always see messages left here, sorry for the delay. Please call the church office to speak with Father Joe, 360-426-8472 or email him at

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