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Stewardship Committee

We are reminded that "…a steward is one who manages someone else’s possession. As Christians we manage God’s possession: our being, our life, our skills, our assets. How come? Didn’t we acquire our skills, our assets, our standing in the community by our own efforts and dedication? Are we not in sole possession of these? Not really. God created the world and us in it. He gave us innate capacities, guided us in their application throughout life, and surrounds us with his grace every day. Above all, in Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross, God redeemed us. So, the least we can do is to offer up part of our time, talent and assets for God’s purposes. That is our stewardship. This happens in response to our inner conviction; we are acting out our Christian faith. Our stewardship should not merely be a response to the church budget…" but, should, with God's help, direct who we are in this time and place, how we manage that which, through the years has been passed on to us, and sets up how we will pass it on in the future.    When we live our faith, stewardship is a year around, indeed, a lifetime process.

Should you have an interest in the Stewardship Committee, contact or call (360) 426-8472.