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Stewards of Saint David’s

While all of the groups, and in fact, all of the friends and members of Saint David's are Stewards of Saint David's, the members of committees listed here are involved in the day to day operation of Saint David's and the care of Saint David's Buildings, Grounds, and Parish. 

Buildings and Grounds

The Junior Warden, or People's Warden, assumes leadership under the authority of the Vestry and Priest for the Building and Grounds of the church.  Tom Carlton and Dave Salzer are our co-Junior Wardens working with a variety of volunteers to ensure St. David's is a warm, welcoming home.  All members and visitors are crucial to …


More coming soon…   For more information, contact or call (360) 426-8472 The Sunday Bulletin:  The Office Volunteers The Crossings:  Communications Committee Chair:  Suzy  Petty Web Site: Patti Case  

Office Volunteers

Our Office Volunteers are an integral part to the operation of Saint Davids. They answer phones and provide support and assistance to the Clergy, Vestry, and committees on a daily basis.  Volunteers are the first line of greeting and assistance for people coming into the office.  If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, …

Parish Finances

The Finance Committee is charged with developing managing the budgets approved by the Vestry and the day to day cashflows of the Parish.  They provide Financial Reporting to the Vestry and Diocese.     For more information contact or call (360) 426-8472.

Stewardship Committee

We are reminded that "…a steward is one who manages someone else’s possession. As Christians we manage God’s possession: our being, our life, our skills, our assets. How come? Didn’t we acquire our skills, our assets, our standing in the community by our own efforts and dedication? Are we not in sole possession of these? …


Your vestry for 2018: Patti Case, co-Senior Warden          Suzy Petty, Junior Warden Mike Callahan Dick Taylor Barb Greene-Whitener (clerk) Suzy Petty Judy Ogden Carla Hearst Tamra Ingwaldson Father Joe