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Month: September 2021

Parish Newsletter – May 2021


ORIENTATION . . . Members
of the Vestry, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Vocalists and Greeters and
anyone else who participates in the conducting of church services will meet at
9 a.m. on May 2nd to discuss the steps necessary to successfully carry out
reopening the church to the congregation. 

The instructions have been approved by Bishop Greg Rickel and include
guidelines from the State of ‘Washington for conducting in-person church
services in a manner that meets Covid-19 re-opening requirements.

In-Person services for the congregation will resume on May 23rd at 10:30 a.m.  This is a day we have all been looking forward  to for a long time. So, mark your calendars… There will be one service at 10:30 am and no social gathering or coffee hour before or after the in-person service.  Until Covid-10 protocols are lifted, there will be no early service.


It is proposed that the following activities be delayed until we get accustomed to successfully conducting and managing the in-person events:   Weddings, Memorials and Baptisms; Use of church facilities by Church Members and Outside Organizations; and Musical and Fundraising events.

FORWARD DAY by DAY is published by the Forward Movement of the Episcopal Church and includes devotions to be read day by day to lift one’s spirits and give us something to think about.  It is available in the church parish hall if you wish to pick one up.   The last issue (Feb-Mar-Apr.2021) included something that spoke to me personally.  On Wednesday, April 21st . . .   My attendance is not one-hundred percent.   But most of the time when I wake up and I am not feeling it, I remember that Jesus shows me that worship is important.   I never regret going to church.  While gathering in person is not always possible, all the reasons for gathering online are still the same.  We Christians need each other, and we need to hear the message proclaimed.


 I have enjoyed the streamed services each week and I understand they may continue, but a service in the church will really fill the gap . . . May 23rd is the day – see you in Church – Billie

JUNIOR WARDEN NOTES:  We have formed a “Gardening Group” of members that have a history of planting and grooming the St. David’s landscape grounds.  They are knowledgeable of the plant placements and  varieties as well as  the grooming needs.  The current group includes Elinor Lindquist & Dave Salzer, Cheri & Jeff Ratay, Laurie McClanahan, Rhoda Pykonen, Sky Carroll, Pat Remine, Beth Johnson and Beth DayWaters so far, but we welcome additional members who like to get their hands dirty and have fun knowing the plants and their history.  We meet when our schedules allow


and often just go to the church to work by ourselves to make progress. However, there is a lot of “Fellowship” in working together and sharing our stories and thoughts.  Please reach out to Cheri if you are interested in joining  us for a few hours.  We meet every Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm.  Bring your own tools if you wish and your own snacks. . . .  Cheri

OUTREACH MINISTRY . .  . The Saints’ Pantry accepted three new members to their Board of Directors recently.  Mike Wallace, Chuck Addison and Liz Turrell were elected to complete the number of board members necessary, and Thelma Puhn and Jane Gruver were moved to emeritus status.  A. total of 424 households were served during the month of April for a total of  1,172 individuals..  Pounds of food distributed – 15,065;   At the Annual Meeting in February – Billie Howard was re-elected as President; Tom Wallitner elected as Vice President; JT Batstone, Treasurer and Jan Fitzgerald as Secretary. The board meets via zoom.

PLEASE PRAY for those close to our hearts.  Shawn, Mike & Judy, Doug, Barrett, Janet, Greg, David, Ann, Robin, Betty, Margaret, Jonathan & Christina, Sue, Jesse, Don, Kayla & Ryan, Anthony, Deb, Ken, Connie and Cathy.


  • Jan Swanson on the 1st;
  • Doug Haskin on the 7th;
  • Chery and Jeff Ratay on the 8th;
  • Judy Ogden on the 11th;
  • Cheryl Allagree on the 12th;
  • Patti Case on the 13th;
  • Joe McClanahan on the 18th;
  • Beth Johnson on the 19th;
  • Dick Swanson on the 21st;
  • Diana Timm Dryden on the 21st;
  • Barb Weza and Tamra Ingwaldson on the 23rd; and
  • Laurie McClanahan on the 26th. 

Happy Birthday to you – may God Bless you on this happiest day of all.                                   


May 2nd
    9 am – Orientation for Servers
    10:30 am – Service of Worship – Streaming

May 9th, 10:30 am
Service of Worship – Streaming

May 16th
    9:00 am – VESTRY MEETING
    10:30 am – Service of Worship – Streaming

May 23rd, 10:30 am
Service of Worship – IN THE CHURCH

Parish Newsletter – April 2021

HOLY WEEK SERVICES . . . We celebrate Holy Week again as we did last year in the hope that the pandemic will end soon.  Well, the end seems to be getting closer – but not yet. Please mark your calendars to participate on YouTube for the following services: Good Friday, April 2nd at 5 pm; The Easter Vigil,  April 3rd at 8 pm; Easter Sunday, April 4th at 10:30 am. 


Dear Friends of St. David of Wales Episcopal Church, 

As you may know, my call to this congregation originates from the Southwestern Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), which is located on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland. 

Since 2017 I have served in the Synod as a “Synodically Authorized Minister,” meaning that I have had all the 

rights and responsibilities of any pastor in the ELCA, but exclusively limited to the authority of the SWW Synod. 

During this period, from then till now, I completed my Lutheran seminary education at Pacific Lutheran 

Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA.  Afterward I was endorsed by the synod to be a fully rostered leader churchwide. 

The process of Lutheran ordination begins with receiving a “first call,” and most graciously you have received me in this capacity.  This took place when Bishop Greg Rickel of the Olympia Diocese, Mike Callaghan, our then Senior Warden and myself all signed my Letter of Agreement with the St. David com.  The way was then clear to schedule a rite of ordination, and I am pleased to invite you all to attend as you are able via 

The service is scheduled for Sunday, April 11, at 1:00 pm (following our regular 10:30 worship the same day). As you are already familiar, go to and scroll down to where the Service is live-streaming. Bishop Richard E. Jaech of the Southwestern Washington Synod will preside and preach. 

I would very much like to say that I look forward to seeing you all there, but you know what I mean. 

Thank you, St. David for hosting this event and for playing such an important role in this part of my ministry journey.

With much love from your new Rector, Father Duane

BADGES . . . Cheri, her husband, Jeff, and Fr. Duane have put their heads together and come up with a new way of identifying church participants on Sunday mornings.  They have done away with the ribbon-clipping (you remember how tough that was) and then hanging the names in alphabetical order.  The new badges are magnetized so all you have to do is placed yours on the board and they stay there – no more strings attached.  How good is that? 

VESTRY RETREAT . . . The Vestry meeting scheduled for April 18th will be a Retreat. Time and place and method, zoom or live, will be determined and members will be notified.

PLANS FOR REOPENING are being tossed around, so be patient, you will soon have the information needed for getting back to a LIVE SERVICE soon.  There will be much jubilation! 

HISTORY LESSON – Did you know that by 1955 the enrollment of Sunday School children was the highest it had ever been.  Average attendance was 61 out of a total enrollment of 99.  Not only was crowding a problem, the Sunday school room was separated from the nave by an accordion door, so noise was a problem also.  By chance Simpson decided in 1955 to develop the lot next door for parking for Simpson use during the week, and church use on weekends.  Bishop Bayne suggested using attic space for Sunday School and an architect was engaged to study the idea, the idea proved unworkable.

By 1957 average attendance was up to 76.  Simpson offered the rear 20 feet of the parking lot to the church for an addition and focus shifted to building plans.  By 1958 enrollment increased to an average of 84 from 147 families with children. In the fall of 1959 plans were completed and a contract awarded to the Cascade-Olympic Construction Co.  The addition was completed by July 28, 1960 at a cost of $47,648.  Office furniture added another $1,718,30.  On April 13, 1967 the additional wing was dedicated to and named after Rev. Echols, priest in charge during the Sunday school addition’s development and construction. . . . . Information furnished by Norm Eveleth.

PRAYER LIST . . .  Please pray for those close to our hearts:  Shawn, Mike & Judy, Doug, Barrett, Janet, Greg, David, Ann, Robin, Betty, Margaret, Jonathan & Christine, Sue, Jesse, Don, Kayla & Ryan, Anthony, Deb and Bill. AND for the Repose of the Soul of Walter.


  • Annie Ayers on the 5th;
  • Mike Ogden on the 11th;
  • Theresa Reed on the 22nd; and
  • Robert Korol on the 23rd. 

Happy Birthday Annie, Mike, Robert and Theresa – many happy returns of the day. 


April 2nd, 5:00 pm
Good Friday 

April 3rd, 8:00 pm
Easter Vigil

April 4th, 10:30 am

April 11th
   10:30 am – Service of Worship
   1:00 pm – Fr. Duane’s Ordination

April 18th, 10:30 am
Service of Worship

April 25th, 10:30 am
Service of Worship 


Parish Newsletter – March 2021

THE SNOW HAS COME & GONE and March has begun with the promise of Spring just around the corner. AND, with the Annual Meeting, we begin a new year at St. David’s as well My Friendship Book this month says . .. Do Not seek God in outer space – your heart is the only place in which you meet him face to face.. . . . Billie

AT OUR ANNUAL MEETING  we elected a new Vestry, and new Senior and Junior Wardens were also appointed.  We said Thank you and job well done to Sr Warden Mike Callaghan; Vestry members Carla Hearst, Tamra Ingwaldson, and Judy Ogden; and Hello to Sr. Warden Patti Case; Vestry members – Norm Eveleth, Marcie McKaig and Pat Remine. Continuing Vestry members are Don Kay, Co-Sr. Warden;  Cheri Ratay, Jr. Warden, Billie Howard and Cheryl Allagree. Cheryl will again serve as Clerk of the Vestry.  Please remember these names if you have questions, suggestions or comments about St. David’s.- they are your contacts and how to reach them is in the new Directory. 

WE HAD THE PLEASURE OF A VISIT BY THE BISHOP . . .  On Sunday, February 21st. Bishop Greg Rickel came to 

St. David’s to visit and to Confirm three new members.  Cathy Warner, Tamra Ingwaldson and Skylar Carroll were received into the fellowship of St. David’s.  After the service he visited with the membership via Zoom.  It was a wonderful occasion and a great day.   Welcome Cathy, Tamra and Sky.  

THE SAINT DAVID’S DAY AWARD goes to RHODA PYKONEN and is for the year 2020. 

We were unable to make the presentation last year because of the restrictions on church services pertaining to Covid-19.  Rhoda has been very active in St. David’s for several years.  She quietly goes about activities in the landscaping and the kitchen and wherever she is needed.  Thank you, Rhoda, for all you do and for the delay in making the award.  

SIGNS HAVE BEEN ORDERED by  the Vestry and will be posted outside in the front and back of the church to keep people from littering and sleeping there.  Without constant use of the building, the homeless population has taken  advantage of the situation.  We hope this will take care of the problem of having to constantly clean and police the areas.

SIGNS HAVE BEEN ORDERED by  the Vestry and will be posted outside in the front and back of the church to keep people from littering and sleeping there.  Without constant use of the building, the homeless population has taken  advantage of the situation.  We hope this will take care of the problem of having to constantly clean and police the areas.

CHANGE IN WORSHIP SERVICE AT 7:30 . . . . The Vestry is considering changing the service at 7:30 to 8:00 a.m.   The early service usually meets for breakfast after, but will not be able to do that as the ‘breakfast place’ has gone out of business.  Marcie will contact the 7:30 folks to see how they feel about it. 

CONVENTION DELEGATES . . . . Cheryl Allagree and Joan Korol will serve as delegates to the Diocesan Convention in November 2021.  Alternate delegates will be selected at a later date.  

OUTREACH MINISTRY . . .The Saints’ Pantry Food Bank is still operating according to the state’s Covid-19 rules through the door to the open street .Director Rebecca Marquez reports it is working just fine, although harder on the volunteers.  Figures for February are:  1.048 individuals in 399 households received 13,969 pounds of food. 

PLEASE PRAY this month for the health of men, women, children and families around the world that they will strengthen communities and protect the health of the most vulnerable –  

especially those close to our hearts. . . Shawn, Mike & Judy, Doug, Barrett, Janet, Greg, David, Ann, Robin, Betty, Margaret, Jonathan & Christina, Sue, Jesse, Don, Kayla & Ryan, Anthony, Pat, Harry, Deb, and Bill.

We have heard from the Aunt of Aaron that he has recovered enough to be taken off the list this month.  Aaron still has some issues with his back, but he has made an amazing recovery so far from his injuries.  The family is thankful for our prayers. 


  • Barbara Whitener on March 3rd;
  • Billie Howard on March 19th; and
  • Dick Taylor on March 23rd.

Happy Birthday to all – many happy returns of the day.

Sunday, March 7, 14, 21, 28 @ 10:30 a.m.
Worship Service on YouTube

Sunday, March 21 – 11:45 a.m.
Vestry Meeting – via Zoom

Wednesday, March 3, 10,17, 14, 31 – 10am-Noon
Sit and Pray – come & meet Fr. Duane

A big thank you to our Musicians who enchant us with their songs . . . 

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