Welcome to St. David of Wales

The people of St. David of Wales are a diverse community coming together in the presence of Christ, worshiping God, nurturing our faith, each other and being an expression of Christ’s love to the world. 

With a warm, rich history dating back to 1853, we invite you to enter and feel the warmth of this space; the people, the history, the art, our shared walk. To become lost in the stories represented by the stained glass windows. One such window is above the alter, whose radiant colors peak in the afternoon when the sun is in the west, depicting the Good Shepherd with lamb and staff stands in the center. A sheaf of wheat, the symbol of love and charity, on one side and a cluster of grapes on the other, the symbol of enlightenment, illustrate the character of Jesus.  Characteristics we work to grow and model as we come together to walk in light and love.

We hope to see you on Sunday mornings. Our 7:30am service is for those who enjoy a more contemplative service. Our 10:30am service, where you can enjoy the sweet tones of our pipe organ.

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